We are committed

One of our fundamental pillars is environmental care, which is why we have formed an alliance with “TodosReciclamos“.

What does our alliance consist of?

For each container that Viña 3 Quebradas places on the market, todosreciclamos ensures the recycling of an equivalent container (in weight and materiality) thanks to a network of associated recycling managers (the name given to the companies that manage the clean points or do home collection). This is called environmental compensation.

With our alliance, we reduce our environmental impact while investing directly in the recycling chain and promoting the development of the circular economy in Chile ♻.

Impact of Todos Reciclamos ♻

During 2020, through the environmental compensation system and the contribution of more than 200 brands that form an alliance with Todos Reciclamos, the recycling of:

tons of glass
tons of plastic
tons of paper
tons of metal

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