About us

We are a family vineyard

Our family winery was born in 2017 in the driest desert in the world. We are passionate about rescuing the wine culture of the Huasco Valley, we are inspired by environmental care and safeguarding traditions. We are moved by our desire to enhance and care for the natural wealth of our valley, raise the social and human capital of our area. We are excited to reach your hands and accompany you in different moments of your lives with our wines. Wine that reflects the intensity and energy of the sun of the Atacama Desert, and where the climate and soils give rise to the aroma and texture of these.

In our winery we sow all our passion and local winemaking history in a unique territory such as our Huasco Valley. Located in the driest desert in the world, the Atacama Desert, a place that gives us natural and essential elements for the harvest of our 3Q grapes.

Why prefer a 3Q wine?

🔸 Because we have a conscience for nature, the environment and animals, we promote the preservation of the landscape, we promote the fertility of the land and we take care of the care and replanting of native species.

🔸 Because we started this family project with the interest of promoting the wine and rural culture of the Huasco Valley.

🔸 Because all our processes are handmade and sustainable, thus avoiding industrialization in production.

🔸 Because we all have the same rights, this is why we think in the principle of universal design, incorporating Braille reading on our labels and we are learning sign language.

We deliver products made with love and passion!

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