The Huasco Valley is the valley where the Huasco River flows, and is located in the Atacama region of Chile. Near the town of Las Juntas, the Huasco River divides into two main branches, which take the names of El Tránsito River and El Carmen River.

Our beautiful valley not only offers a diversity of local and traditional products of the area, but also houses ancestral Diaguita customs and gives us the most incredible landscapes with which visitors are amazed. Besides being the cradle of the natural phenomenon of the flowering desert, which consists of the appearance of a great diversity of flowers during rainy seasons in the driest desert in the world.


Towards the Pacific Ocean we find Huasco and the coastal route, with the most beautiful beaches and the incredible Llanos de Challe National Park, with an area of 45,708 hectares with 220 different species, of which 206 are native to Chile and 14 endemic, that is, only found in the Atacama region. Among the fauna you can find are foxes and guanacos, you can also be amazed with the beautiful lion’s claws, endangered species and añañucas, these are found in the flowering desert season, from August and can extend until November during the rainy season. We continue in the coastal area and near Carrizal bajo, a town full of history, is the coastal wetland, named a nature sanctuary, home to several species of birds, including the flamingo.

You will also be amazed by the beautiful lion’s claws, species, añañucas and guanaco paws, which you will find during the flowering desert season, starting in August and can extend until November during the rainy season, a unique phenomenon, a sea of flowers in the middle of the driest desert in the world.


We advance towards Vallenar and on the way we find centenary olive trees and entrepreneurs who produce olive oil, olives, pastas and other delicious sub products, you can not miss the opportunity to visit them and taste their products. Huasco Valley olive oil is one of the three products with designation of origin in our area.

Continuing our trip we arrived in Freirina, which stands out for having three national monuments: Los Portales building, the parish church of Santa Rosa de Lima and the former copper smelter Labrar.

At 36 kilometers we find the city of Vallenar, where you can visit the museum of Huasco, within its collections include a number of archaeological and historical remains of the Atacama region of enormous heritage value. You can visit the grape harvest, a monument inaugurated in 1930 in the presence of its author Jose Carocca Laflor and Vallenar square, where you will find a church built in 1874.

On the way to the interior of the Valley you will find several small towns, among them Imperial Alto, located approximately 10 kilometers from the city of Vallenar, and where you will find our Tres Quebradas Winery.

a 10 Km de Vallenar...

Towards the El Transito Valley you can go through the incredible Quebrada de La Totora, formed by hills of pink and ocher tones, in the quarries of this beautiful gorge is exploited handcrafted beige marble, unique in the world. You can also find the Quebrada de Pinte, where you will be amazed with its colors and its geological formation corresponding to the Jurassic period, where much of its slopes have marine fossils. Another must is the ride to the mountain lakes, walks that you can do on horseback and marvel at unique landscapes.

We invite you to visit our beautiful valley and its people!

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